Choke It Down / Сглатывающие (Tim Von Swine / Vouyer Media / Red Light District) [2004 г., All Sex, Gonzo, Interracial, Oral, Anal, DP, A2M, Facial, Cumshot, Swallow, DVDRip]

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Choke It Down / Сглатывающие (Tim Von Swine / Vouyer Media / Red Light District) [2004 г., All Sex, Gonzo, Interracial, Oral, Anal, DP, A2M, Facial, Cumshot, Swallow, DVDRip]

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Сглатывающие / Choke It Down

#77Год выпуска: 2004
Страна: США
Жанр: All Sex, Gonzo, Interracial, Oral, Anal, DP, A2M, Facial, Cumshot, Swallow
Продолжительность: 2ч 29м
Перевод: Не требуется
Режисер: Tim Von Swine
Студия: Vouyer Media / Red Light District
В ролях: Alex Divine, Allie Sin, Gabby, Genesis Skye, Heather Gables, Brad Baldwin, Brian Surewood, Carlton Banks, Kris Knight, Lefty Larue, Manuel Ferrara, Marcos Leon, Randy Spears, Sean Michaels, Tee Reel, Tone Capone, Trent Soluri, Van Damage, Vince Vouyer, Vincent Vega
Описание: 5 Girls - 30 Flavors! 5 Pedigree sluts CHOKE DOWN 30 Choad Blasts!
Описание на русском: 5 девочек - 30 мужиков! 5 прирожденных шлюшек С ТРУДОМ СГЛАТЫВАЮТ 30 спермовых взрывов!
Доп. информация: Фильм разбит на 7 сцен, можно cкачать как все, так и только ту, что понравится.
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео кодек: Xvid
Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: 512x384 29.97fps
Аудио: 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps
Рецензия Adult DVD Talk
Choke it Down
Studio: Red Light District
Director: Tim Von Swine
Year: 2004
Starring: Heather Gables (Cover Girl), Allie Sin, Genesis Skye, Alex Devine, Gabby
Themes: Swallowing-Overall Rating 4/5
Female Looks 4/5
Sex 4/5
Audio/Video Quality 4/5 -I've been reviewing a few of Tim Von Swine's movies recently and I must say that he is impressing me a lot with films like "Sex & Groping" and "Dirty Birds." This is one of his earlier movies for Red Light District, and with a title like "Choke it Down" I'm expecting to see some rather rude throat gagging and cum gargling. With the filthy blonde Heather Gables pointing down her throat on the cover, I can only guess at the kind of non-"couples-friendly" fare that I'm in for tonight.
Scene 1: Genesis Skye and Brian Surewood + some other guys
Genesis is a personal favorite, a sexy blonde from Wisconsin who really knows how to fuck. Fuck she does with the pirate of porn Brian Surewood and some other guy. She does oral, vaginal, anal, and DP and looks great doing them all.
After the guys deposit their seed in the gullet of Genesis several more horny gents appear to do the same. Four of them encircle her for a hot blow-bang and she swallows them all as well. One thing that separates "Choke it Down" from other swallowing movies like "A Good Source of Iron" is the fact that most of the girls swallow every batch from the guys individually instead of saving it up. Depending on your preference this might be better or worse.
Scene 2: Alex Devine and Tee Reel + a gang of guys
Alex looks excellent here with freshly dyed blonde hair and red lingerie. She eagerly attacks a couple of large cocks, gagging on them with great enthusiasm. She gets vaginally and anally explored and double penetrated. Alex is a filthy little cum-swallower and can't get enough with these guys. She sucks four more loads out of the balls of some other guys and gets her mouth filled with spooge before sending it down the hatch.
Scene 3: Allie Sin and Sean Michaels + Tee Reel + some other guys
Allie's a punkish, tattooed girl who I've always thought was very hot but has never really given a believable, energetic performance that I've ever seen. Usually she sleepwalks through her scene and mopes her way to another paycheck. This scene is pretty much what I expected as she boringly fucks Sean and Tee Reel.
Sean and Tee go at her pussy in missionary mostly. I love Allie so the scene was fun to watch even though she didn't seem to be enjoying herself all that much. She swallows a pair of shabby loads from them and turns her attention to about six stunt cocks that show up and demand to be sucked.
Allie sleepwalks through this part of the scene too as she methodically sucks on a bunch of guys. They all line up to fire in her mouth and Allie swallows each one. Not all the guys hit the target but Allie seems to get a fair amount of the stuff down.
Scene 4: Gabby and a bunch of dudes
Gabby's o.k. looking. I wasn't very excited by her scene at all. She's Latina with some thick cock-sucking lips. Her oral skills don't really seem all that great as she sucks robotically on the tips of two guys' schlongs.
She moans as she rides both guys vaginally. One of them is Tee Reel and he blows in her open mouth followed by the other guy. These scenes all follow the same formula; girl gets double-teamed by a couple random hanks and then does a blow-bang followed by swallowing. Gabby's was probably the least memorable of the five for me. She gets about five nut loads to half-swallow.
Scene 5: Heather Gables and Manuel Ferrara + four other guys
Heather's a very attractive blonde who "blew" me away in RLD's "Throat Gaggers 7" with her voracious appetite for cock. Her scene here is pretty similar and she starts off getting cock roughly shoved down her throat from two guys.
Manuel fucks her ass and explores her shaved puffy pussy with his fingers. She turns around and gives him some deep A2M. Both guys fuck her at once for a DP in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl where her holes get stretched to the limit. Heather was a hot way to end the movie and she eats both guys' sperm offerings.
Wait, the movie is not over; three more guys show up to serve up their baby-batter to Heather's waiting mouth. She takes each of their goo individually and swallows like a waiting baby bird. I adore Heather and will certainly anticipate seeing her hunger for cock in future efforts.
"Choke it Down" doesn't quite live up to more recent releases from Tim Von Swine but it's certainly a well above-average item in the Red Light District catalog. Heather's closing scene was probably the best of the lot but the contributions of Alex and Genesis were erection-inducing as well. Allie Sin really turns my crank but she never puts any effort into her scenes which is disheartening. Overall the movie's a solid raincoater outing for RLD and fans of the company will not be disappointed.
Scene 1. Genesis Skye
Scene 2. Alex Divine
Scene 5. Heather Gables

-Приятного просмотра!
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