Rocco Ravishes the Czech Republic + Cumshots + Behind the Scene / Рокко насилует Чешскую Республику (Rocco Siffredi, Evil Angel) (Tina Gabriel, Nessa Devil, Defrancesca Gallardo, Alexa Bold, Evelina )[2009 г., Gonzo, Anal, ATM, Gape, DVDRip]

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Rocco Ravishes the Czech Republic + Cumshots + Behind the Scene / Рокко насилует Чешскую Республику (Rocco Siffredi, Evil Angel) (Tina Gabriel, Nessa Devil, Defrancesca Gallardo, Alexa Bold, Evelina )[2009 г., Gonzo, Anal, ATM, Gape, DVDRip]

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Rocco Ravishes the Czech Republic / Рокко насилует Чешскую Республику

Год производства: 2009 г.
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, ATM, Gape
Продолжительность: 02:35:20+00:05:32+00:14:48
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Rocco Siffredi
Студия: Evil Angel
В ролях: Sabrina, Rocco Siffredi, Nataly, Viki, Omar Galanti, Tina Gabriel, Nessa Devil, Defrancesca Gallardo, Alexa Bold, Evelina Marvellou, Lelloy
От автора раздачи: перед вами прошлогодний хит от Рокко. В этом фильме снялась Несса Девил, ну и, по моему скромному мнению, Чешская Республика является одной из ведущих стран-поставщиков порнозвезд.
Помимо самого фильма в хорошем качестве в раздаче представлен момент кончин, а также Behind the Scene, думаю многие поклонники той же самой Нессски захотят увидеть как ей говорят как правильно сосать или раздвигать. Всем приятного просмотра!
Официальное описание:With only "Crazy" Omar Galanti as his wingman, a randy and exuberant Rocco goes on a fuck-happy working holiday. Rocco is received like the King of Smut that he is, and the local agents all bring out their best sluts for the Italian Stallion to ravage. Alexa Bold brings over blonde teenage spinner Sabrina, who accepts candy from Rocco in exchange for flashing "your little, little titties," which of course leads to his first conquest, barely in the door of his rented apartment. When his horny exuberance ruffles the feathers of his MILFy landlady Evelina Marvellou, who claims to be a virgin, Rocco seduces her with his big dick and fucks the asses of all three women. Meanwhile, Omar's out on a boat ride to watch a photo shoot with Defrancesca Gallardo and Nataly, with strict orders not to paw either lass. Needless to say, he fails miserably, but manages to sodomize each of them quite successfully! Rocco goes strolling around the city with Viki, who comes back to the apartment for an ass-stuffing session with a quart of fresh strawberries; when Tina Gabriel shows up she's freaked by all the red stains on Rocco's T-shirt: "Did you kill Viki???" When she sniffs his dick, she realizes it's only fruit, and proceeds to get the - literally - banana treatment from Rocco, as well as some anal bead and ass-fucking action. Viki rejoins them, and tries to quell their jealousy: "I am enough for both, no?" As the menage a trois that follows proves... yes! Finally, a nighttime seduction in the backseat of a limo leads Rocco into a surreal sideways with the kinky - and possibly deranged -- Nessa Devil and Lelloy. The disc includes behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, and trailers.
Scene one: Rocco arrives in town and meets up with Alexa, who introduces him to her agent Evelina, who is renting Rocco both her apartment and her barely-legal client, blonde Sabrina. Rocco and the two starlets go over to make themselves at home; while Rocco is marveling over the kitchen, Alexa unzips one of his traveling cases to find an exotic collection of sex toys - "And already used!" she exclaims, tasting a loose string of anal pearls. She plucks out a black dildo and starts masturbating with it in the playroom, shoving it immediately up her ass. Meanwhile, Rocco is chatting up Sabrina as he tries to molest her. The 18-year-old is wary, though, until Rocco trades her candy to suck her pretty brown nipple. Once she accepts the candy, Rocco is all over her, "Oh my God"ing over and over as he bends her back on the sofa, pushing her legs back and chowing down on her pussy. Alexa's moans continue from the other room as Rocco pushes Sabrina down to her knees and into the room with her ass-plowing colleague. Sabrina licks his dick a little but Rocco is more interested for the moment in having her mouth service the dildo that he takes over thrusting into Alexa's ass. Then he starts fucking Alexa's ass, lightly slapping her as Sabrina performs ass to mouth service. The fun is interrupted when Evelina shows up, and is extremely upset that Rocco has started fucking the girls off the clock, and in her house. "What the fuck are you talking about? I came here to Prague to have sex for two weeks! Don't you ever have sex?" Evelina, a handsome, sexily dressed MILF, claims to have never had sex, even as she fondles Rocco's hard member. He starts making out with her, sucking her natural tits and letting her show off some pretty advanced blowjob skills for someone who's never had sex, accepting a medium-strength face-fucking. Rocco puts her in doggie and starts fucking her, peeling a banana and shoving it in her mouth and holding his hand over it as he pumps her asshole, cursing. Then he face-fucks her, letting the gloppy fruit bits drench her face. "You should say thanks to me, for helping with your digestion," he says and then goes back to sodomizing her. Sabrina wanders out, sucking on her pop. "Look at your boss," exclaims Rocco. She sticks her candy in Evelina's mouth; Rocco sticks his cock straight from her boss' ass into her mouth. He then pushes Sabrina's face into their joined crotches, as he reaches forward to slap Evelina as the candy gets stuck up her ass by her little blond client. Rocco switches over to fucking Sabrina, choking her and slapping her, encouraging her to slap him back, as he pounds her pussy, then her ass. He uses both women until coming all over them, watching as they snowball his seed.
Scene two: Slim brunettes Defrancesca Gallardo and Nataly are supposed to go on a boat ride and do a photo-shoot with lensman Gabriel, but Omar Galanti wheedles his way on the cruise. Gabriel poses the skimpily clad lasses on top of the cabin as they float by the Saint Charles Bridge, but he's distracted by Omar milling about, grabbing his own snapshots. The girls pout and ask to go back to Rocco's apartment; Gabriel gives Omar the key and asks him to take them. Defrancesca confiscates Omar's point-and-shoot and gives to Nataly to take pictures of her and the bald madman; she hikes her skirt and offers her ass for him to bury his face in. "Is gut," she exclaims, riding his face. Nataly wants a good rimming, as well, and pulls up her denim skirt as Defrancesca captures the moment. He worships Nataly's feet and heels for good measure, laying on his back and inviting her to stand on his chest in her heels. Defrancesca strips down and starts riding his face in earnest as Nataly frees his cock from his pants and sucks it. Then the girl's trade places, and Defrancesca sits down cowgirl on his cock, leaning forward to suck her friend's pussy as Nataly grinds her ass into his face. Once off the floor, Omar bends Defrancesca over the couch and stridently sodomizes her doggie-style. Nataly soon joins back in, offering ass-to-mouth attention to his prick. The menage a trois rages on until Omar spurts all over Defrancesca's face, and the two girls lick the cum off each other's faces, quarreling as to who gets more.
Scene three: Tina Gabriel is a gorgeous, fresh-faced brunette waitress who Rocco met over facebook, and is now meeting up with him by the river. She introduces him to her friend Viki, who goes off with him while Tina promises to meet up later at his place. Back at the apartment, Rocco shows the place off, and grabs Viki's ass: "Are you shy?" She sees a table full of dildos and a strawberry pie. She doesn't like the dildos, but she steals a strawberry to munch on. Rocco is inspired and grabs another strawberry, pushes up her top and bra, and eats the strawberry while he sucks on her nipple, drenching it in the juice. Next he shoves a strawberry up her pussy and eats it out, and then pushes another up her ass, the red juice cascading down all over her pussy lips as he mashes the fruit half-way inside. A messy, strawberry-infused blowjob follows, with Rocco squeezing the juice all over his cock, stuffing the fruit in her mouth, and pinching her nostrils shut. The fruit fetish continues through intercourse, as Viki clambers on his lap and bounces up and down on his cock. His "I (heart) CHIPS" T-shirt now stained red, Rocco puts Viki on her knees, pushing her face against the coffee table while stuffing it full of the rest of the strawberries, and then his toes. They take a break, and Tina enters. "Did you kill Viki?" she asks, seeing his red-stained T-shirt and the red-stained floor. "I didn't kill her, I just fucked her," Rocco explains, but Tina is upset that Rocco fucked her friend first. So she starts sucking his cock. Rocco shoves a vibrator up her ass, makes her suck it, then decides to give her the banana treatment, peeling one of the yellow fruit and fucking her ass with it. Then he rubs more bananas into mash over her generous boobs and stuffs the chunks in her mouth. After some analingus on her banana-enhanced starfish, Rocco sodomizes Tina generously, and they fuck and suck through several positions. Viki finally returns, and Rocco makes a feast of both girls, until finally spurting some hot creamy topping over their fruit-filled mouths.
Scene four: Rocco makes a midnight assignation with Nessa Devil, a blonde with big, round boobs,who pulls up in a white limo. She spirits him off to the bridge, where they drink champagne together. There's a sudden cut to daytime, and Rocco walking on the beach with brunette Lelloy. He's questioning her decision to go work back at his place where "it will be very, very hard." Cut to Lelloy bound in a dungeon playroom in his rented apartment. Rocco slaps her over and over, and chokes her, whore-whispering "You're so fucking beautiful" over and over. She pulls up her vinyl black dress to show off her crotchless tights. Rocco grabs her fat labia and starts yanking and squeezing them. She turns around and he starts spanking her pretty hard, and jerking her around by her air. "This is what you want? Say, 'Rocco, please, more'" he croons and slaps her more. Finally, he feeds her his dick, and pretty Lelloy slurps away, black hair in her face. Then when she doesn't understand his English, he punches her in the stomach a couple of times, and makes her apologize and suck his dick some more. The rough stuff continues, until he ties her up and takes a nap. When he wakes, he leaves her tied up and goes into the other room. Nessa has shown up wearing a tiara, yellow plaid skirt and the free T-shirt Rocco gave her. "You are the princess of Prague," he flatters, and they start making out. He fishes out her enhanced, oversized breasts and starts worshipping them, working his way down. Once she's naked, she sucks his cock, then climbs up Rocco for a standing cowgirl, as he holds the slender girl up by her ass. After more lovemaking, Nessa is down in doggie on the daybed, and Rocco is working his oversize cock up her ass as she strokes her pussy and begs, "Slow, slow..." Soon he's pounding her gape, and they switch to reverse cowgirl. Rocco invites her to abuse him, and she slaps his face while yanking his cock. She lays back and draws her legs up to show off the gape he's made, and Rocco buries his face in it. He starts fucking her ass like crazy, and is just about to come when Lelloy starts screaming from the other room. Angry that she's ruined his orgasm, Rocco sticks an inflatable dildo in her mouth, pounding it against her as she strokes his dick. He spits and slaps in her face, then pushes her to her knees and starts cock-choking her. Then, as Nessa watches from the door, Rocco bends her over and sodomizes her as he beats her with his closed fist on her back and shoulders. Then he drags Nessa over, and makes her slap and beat the other girl. "Tell her to suck your pussy," Rocco snarls, shoving Lelloy's face in Nessa's crotch and punching the unfortunate girl about the head and shoulders. The kinky psycho comes to a head when he plays musical mouths with his dick until spurting all over them.
Доп. информация: здесь раздается рп на 1,37 гб
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 720x480 29.97fps 2 048 Kbps[Stream 00]
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64kbps [Stream 01]

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