Cindy Hope Is Fresh On Cocks / Cindy Hope На Новенького (Evil Angel, Christoph Clark)[2008, Gonzo, DVDRip]

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Cindy Hope Is Fresh On Cocks / Cindy Hope На Новенького (Evil Angel, Christoph Clark)[2008, Gonzo, DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 10 мар 2013, 15:47

Синди надёжна на свежых членах--Studio: Evil Angel
Director: Christoph Clark
Category: Foreign
Starring: Cindy Hope, Anita Pearl, Simony Diamond, Cassy, James Brossman, Ricardo Bell, Nick Lang, Choky Ice, Steve Holmes, Mike Angelo
Release Year: 2008-Veteran French director Christoph Clark is just gaga over his beautiful new protege, Cindy Hope - a lithe, eager girl who seems a bit too classy to be doing all these nasty things. "This is her very first movie," says Christoph. "She told me she wanted to do it with class, and without anal. I said to her, 'Your wish will be mine.' But my fans will see that Cindy really feels the sex!" The picture begins with Cindy doing a solo masturbation/tease outdoors and indoors, playing with her pussy. She then takes a walk outside with gorgeous brunette Anita Pearl (who has flawless tits); they kiss, Anita eats Cindy's asshole, and fingers go into pussies. They walk further and meet stunning brunette Simony Diamond, who is busy cramming both of her holes with a big black dildo. The ladies have a threeway on a grassy knoll and slip a buttplug into Simony's ass; Anita and Simony lick and suck Cindy's cute feet. Next, Cindy and Mike Angelo get it on on a couch; she sucks his cock and he licks her pussy and her feet before fucking her tight pussy and spraying cum on her stomach. Steve Holmes licks Cassy's pussy, and she also hits the trifecta with a blowjob, pussy fuck and anal reaming. We then cut to Christoph getting teased by Cindy in the next room. Cindy is blindfolded and masturbating on the bed, and she gets a big surprise when Steve and Cassy suddenly emerge from the closet and take turns eating her pussy. Cindy sucks Steve's big dick, and he fucks Cassy's asshole, receiving a good ball-licking and some ass-to-mouth pleasure along the way; he finishes up by shooting his creamy load onto Cassy's asscheeks. In the climactic scene, four guys are occupying the corners of a room getting taunted by Cindy in the center; it all becomes a blow-bang/circle-jerk, and the boys fuck Cindy in turn. She even takes two cocks in her cunt at once! Lastly, our sweet debutante lays down, lets all her costars shoot their nut butter all over her tummy... and a new star is born. 02:25:50
Video: XVID 512x288 29.97fps 1356Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 127Kbps

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