XXXtreme Fantasies of Jewel De'Nyle / 3 Икс тремальные фантазии Джевел Де Найл (Scott Taylor, Digital Sin/New Sensations) [2001 г., Gonzo, Anal, DP, 2 on 1, DVDRip]

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XXXtreme Fantasies of Jewel De'Nyle / 3 Икс тремальные фантазии Джевел Де Найл (Scott Taylor, Digital Sin/New Sensations) [2001 г., Gonzo, Anal, DP, 2 on 1, DVDRip]

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XXXtreme Fantasies of Jewel De'Nyle / 3 Икс тремальные фантазии Джевел Де Найл
#77Год производства: 2001 г.
Страна: USA/США
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal, DP, 2 on 1
Продолжительность: 01:22:46
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Scott Taylor
Студия: Digital Sin/New Sensations
В ролях: Jewel DeNyle, Nacho Vidal, John Decker, Erik Everhard, Brandon Irons, Keri Windsor, Alec Metro, Dillon Day.
Описание: DP, Anals, Foot Worshipping, Lesbianism, Bondage? Jewel experiences the ultimate in xxxtreme sex! She is pushed to her limits and beyong. Must be seen to be believed!
Clearly this movie is for people who really dig Jewel and just can't get enough. It's also for people who like a lot of variety in their sex. There is some light bondage, some foot fetish and of course a whole lot of anal action. All of the scenes are well shot and most of them are very hot. (Including the lesbian stuff.) The picture and sound quality are outstanding and this is going to be a must have for any Jewel fan. It's also likely to turn a few others into Jewel fans.
Доп. информация: Jewel truly is a wicked woman! In this hotter-than-hell feature, Jewel hangs around her gorgeous home daydreaming truly nasty fantasies. Thankfully for us, those fantasies come true right before our eyes! In one of her daydreams, Jewel imagines what it would be like to fuck much-bigger-than-average Nacho Vidal; in another she wonders what it might be like to take on two women. Between each of the perfect five-star scenes, Jewel takes a bath, watches a worker fix her telephone system, shaves her pretty legs, and, most importantly, looks innocent, coquettish, demure, and absolutely alluring. New Sensations calls this flick a feature. It is barely so, because it does tell a very minor story between the scenes. However, most of the flick's hour and thirty-nine minutes are devoted to absolute hard-core sex of the five-star variety. An advance warning: this film contains some of the hottest sex I've ever seen Jewel perform. It has bondage, anal sex, double penetrations, and toys. It's not for the faint hearted. However, if you like Jewel, you're gonna love this feature.
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео кодек: DivX
Аудио кодек: PCM
Видео: MPEG-4 Visual, DivX 5, 971kbps, 3:2, 720x480 pix, 29,970 fps, NTSC.
Аудио: PCM, 1ch, 352,8kbps, 22050 kHz, 16 bit, CBR
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