Who's That Girl / Кто эта девушка (Vince Vouyer / Vouyer Media) [2006 г., Gonzo, DVDRip] (Split-5-Scenes+Bonus+BTS)(Sandra Larosa, Tiffany, Joey, Veronica Stone, Cherrie Rose, Codi Star)

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Who's That Girl / Кто эта девушка (Vince Vouyer / Vouyer Media) [2006 г., Gonzo, DVDRip] (Split-5-Scenes+Bonus+BTS)(Sandra Larosa, Tiffany, Joey, Veronica Stone, Cherrie Rose, Codi Star)

Сообщение MalonE » 11 мар 2013, 13:08

Who's That Girl / Кто эта девушка--Год производства: 2006 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Gonzo
Movie - 02:57:35
Bonus Scene - 00:25:09
Behind the Scenes - 00:10:21
Язык: Английский-Режиссер: Vince Vouyer
Студия: Vouyer Media-C участием:
Scene 1. Cody Lane, Randy Spears
Scene 2. Tiffany, Veronica Stone, Sean Michaels, Steve Taylor
Scene 3. Cherrie Rose, Sascha
Scene 4. Joey Valentine, Kyle Stone, Steven French, Vince Vouyer
Scene 5. Sandra Larosa, Randy Spears
DVD Bonus. Sandra Larosa, Vince Vouyer-
Описание и скрины
Scene 1. Cody Lane, Randy Spears
Codi Star, an exceptionally cute brunette with sexy hazel eyes from Kentucky, was up first as she teased in a skimpy black outfit before Randy Spears joined her to play some pool in the game room. Randy spoke with Vince to get the information on the 19 year old hotty and moments later, he was peeling off her clothes to get better access to snack on her crack. Initially using a large black dildo in her pussy and ass (to ready her for his meat), she cleaned the toy orally with her only apparent flaw being some stretch marks on her legs. While she had some experience sucking a cock, it was far from her strongest selling point, with him boning her pussy. She started off slowly but soon got into the action and actively rode his shaft in reverse cowgirl, screaming a bit too loudly as she gave her performance. She was better anally though I never lost the feeling that she had any chemistry with him or that they connected in any meaningful manner. She took the facial at the end but this was her first anal, ATM, and various other acts according to her, ending the first 45 minutes of the DVD.
Scene 2. Tiffany, Veronica Stone, Sean Michaels, Steve Taylor
Veronica Stone, a gal next door with lengthy brown hair and a nice body; Tiffany, a blonde with a very appealing face; Sean Michaels and Steve Taylor, were up in the second scene. Vince spoke with Sean after some limited tease footage by the gals, with Steve working over Tiffany on the couch. Sean walked over and she was soon working her first interracial as Steve got the hint and moved on to Veronica. I liked Veronica's black lingerie a lot as it enhanced her look but both gals had plenty of appealing features so regardless of who did whom, I figured the scene would be a decent one based on the initial interactions of the cast (the men using toys as they went down on the ladies). Tiffany sucked more dick but this might be the way the scene was shot with her getting more screen time. She was as active a rider in her pussy as Veronica (who joined them for some PTOGM) with the partners swapping out a few times. Some of you will appreciate that Veronica sported the hairiest bush this side of Ron Jeremy or prefer Tiffany because she did anal with a DP but both gals had something to offer the mix. Neither was as active as I prefer to see yet as far as early performances go, each showed plenty of potential. The scene ended with some loads to the mouth (Tiffany who swapped with Veronica that swallowed and then reversing the role with Tiffany swallowing Sean's load via Veronica; followed by Steve's second, smaller load).
Scene 3. Cherrie Rose, Sascha
Cherrie Rose, a fleshy gal that had a lot of slut appeal as well as an all natural body, teased the camera next as she revealed why she was in the movie. She had the look of a popular stripper and the 23 year old could've been Gia Paloma's older sister, getting Sascha most interested in her abilities as she masturbated and said she liked anal. This was the first scene of hers that I've watched though she claimed she had been in porn for about four months. Her oral skills were pretty decent as she gave him a sloppy blowjob on the pink chair, inhaling him with a practiced ease that I'd like to know better myself. The vaginal pounding was basic as he did all of the work though she seemed to enjoy impaling herself on his shaft anally in reverse cowgirl. She also did ATM before he rubbed out a load to her mouth that she swallowed. Some will like that she kept some clothing on during the scene while others may like how she continued to suck him off afterwards but she has a way to go before reaching her potential.
Scene 4. Joey Valentine, Kyle Stone, Steven French, Vince Vouyer
Joey, a gal with more experience on camera than the others so far, was appealing as she teased the camera in her skimpy black lingerie on the couch. She gave an interview as she masturbated but was soon joined by Kyle Stone and Steve French, both of whom spent some time warming her up. She gave both of them some heated oral, sucking as if for the camera alone, moving back and forth before they took turns screwing her pussy. This led to a DPP (double pussy penetration where both men nailed her pussy at once) but she seemed far more interesting to watch when only getting boned by one of them at a time. The guys rubbed out loads to her mouth and she crawled off to showcase her sweet ass wiggling off into the distance.
Scene 5. Sandra Larosa, Randy Spears
Sandra Larosa, the hotty on the front DVD cover, was up last as she followed the formula in her neon blue mesh outfit. This Brazilian had a natural ease to her sexuality that really appealed to me. She claimed to be in her twenties and her accent was hot though her looks were more than enough to get me going. Randy Spears was the lucky guy who got to christen her in her first hardcore scene, savoring the taste of her pussy before she gave him a short blowjob. They screwed with some PTM and while she wasn't aggressive at taking his rod initially, she warmed up to it fairly quickly. I'd like to see how well she performs after a bit of experience since she was not the best sexually of the bunch but I can't deny the appeal of her looks alone. On an interesting side note, Randy popped a huge load; one that Vince spoke of elsewhere given the sheer quantity.
Bonus Scene. Sandra Larosa, Vince Vouyer
Behind the Scenes
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Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640 x 368 29.970 fps ~1200 Kbps
Аудио: AAC 22050Hz 2 channels stereo ~100kbps-
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