Perry Vision 2 / Точка Зрения Перри 2 (David Perry, Evil Angel) [2012 г., Gonzo, POV, WEB-DL] (Kristina Rose, Tila Flame, Haley Sweet, Brooklyn Lee, Phoenix Marie) [540p]

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Perry Vision 2 / Точка Зрения Перри 2 (David Perry, Evil Angel) [2012 г., Gonzo, POV, WEB-DL] (Kristina Rose, Tila Flame, Haley Sweet, Brooklyn Lee, Phoenix Marie) [540p]

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Perry Vision 2 / Точка Зрения Перри 2

Год производства : 2012
Жанр : Gonzo, POV
Продолжительность: 03:14:36
Язык : English
Режисcёр : David Perry
Студия : Evil Angel
В ролях : Kristina Rose, Tila Flame, Haley Sweet, Brooklyn Lee, Phoenix Marie
Описание : French porno stud/director David Perry has years of experience fucking the most stunning women on several continents. His latest
POV foray, entitled “PerryVision 2,” showcases David’s insatiable sexual appetite; this time, it’s gorgeous all-American sluts falling prey to his
suave charm and thick cock. In five one-on-one scenes of intimate depravity, David’s beautiful partners get their assholes royally fucked. First,
sexy, freckle-faced Latina Brooklyn Lee teases the camera with a solo masturbation session. The sultry, bikini-clad redhead worships David’s
long dick in an afternoon of cocksucking and anal pleasure that ends with a mouthful of creamy semen for sweet Brooklyn. Bodaciously busty
slut Phoenix Marie swallows the director’s meat and gets rectally invaded out on his patio. Inside, they continue the nasty action with some
barefoot dick stroking and more vigorous sodomy. Lovely, slender Tila Flame takes a ride in David’s car. It isn't long before the adorable African
-American beauty is flashing her small, natural breasts and silky behind. She leans over to wrap her luscious lips around David’s cock... as he’s
driving! Tila takes a ferocious interracial butt reaming, providing lots of friendly ass-to-mouth service, and David spurts a hot, messy load into
the eager teen’s mouth. Petite American Latina brat Kristina Rose taunts David wearing a skimpy bikini that shows off her plump, round ass —
her cheeks bounce up and down hypnotically. Kristina sucks David in the shower, then takes his big cock inside her hungry rectum. Haley
Sweet’s an adorable, young vixen that likes hanging at the beach with a man twice her age. She blows David in the front seat of his vehicle.
Later, he returns the favor by driving his dick into her tender backseat. Haley makes herself climax using a vibrating wand — then makes her
man come twice! If you’re looking for intense, intimate fucking, “PerryVision 2” is first-person perfection!
Тип видео : 540p
Формат видео : MP4
Видео : MPEG4 Video (H264) 960x544 29.97fps 1800Kbps
Аудио : AAC 44100Hz stereo 132Kbps


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