Young Harlots Sex Athletics / Молодые Шлюшки Секс-Атлетика (Gazzman, Harmony) [2011 г., Gonzo, Anal, 540p, WEB-DL]

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Young Harlots Sex Athletics / Молодые Шлюшки Секс-Атлетика (Gazzman, Harmony) [2011 г., Gonzo, Anal, 540p, WEB-DL]

Сообщение MalonE » 11 мар 2013, 18:55

Young Harlots Sex Athletics / Молодые Шлюшки Секс-Атлетика

Год производства: 2011 г.
Страна: Europe
Жанр: Gonzo, Anal
Продолжительность: 02:14:00
Режиссер: Gazzman
Студия: Harmony
Язык: Английский
В ролях:
Viktoria Diamond, Misha, Avril Sun, Megan Coxxx, Aleska Diamond, Kai, George Uhl, Peter Oh Tool, Nick ManningОписание:
Welcome to the Young Harlots sports Academy where athletic hopefuls are taught to endure vigorous training sessions in more ways than one. Watch as these pretty young athletes master the art in sucking, wanking and riding cock. Lay back and enjoy as you will not be disappointed!
Mischievous Misha returns back from a jog with her very fit and perverted PE teacher Mr Manning. Complaining about how exhausted she feels sir takes poor Misha in hand by giving her arse a good spanking before filling her month with his juicy cock, soon enough sirs thrusting his throbbing manhood inside Misha’s tight pussy. Will this stop Misha complaining in future? I doubt it.
Pretty Avril Sun is called into her tutors study for not wearing the correct sports uniform; Sir slowly removes her uniform revealing her pert breasts and toned body, but Avril knows a thing or two on how to get around her teacher’s by rubbing her tight little arse up against his soon pulsating cock, before long he is piercing her with his throbbing manhood in this sexy hot workout!
Gorgeous Megan Coxxx makes a visit to her PE teacher Mr Manning as she would like some advice on toning her thighs and arse, she lets him take a closer look, also letting him have a good feel before stripping off her uniform and becoming the naughty whore she’s destined to be. Taking control of this scene as she rides him hard and fast working her thighs and arse tight!
Dirty Mr Manning has pissed off the other three teachers by fucking his way through all the pretty students so they decide to get their own back; they call the stunning Aleska Diamond into their study to question her and it soon unfolds that Mr Manning has left the beautiful Aleska very unsatisfied and still feeling very horny, so not wanting to disappoint poor Aleska all three teachers take full advantage of the situation in this spectacular foursome where no holes are barred as three delicious cocks are better than one in this explosive double penetration scene.
Blonde cutie Viktoria Diamond comes to an agreement with her teacher that if she complains about the perverted Mr Manning and gets him sacked in return her grades will be A class but first sir sits her down on his lap revealing her little white knickers, slowly caressing her pink juicy pussy before fucking it hard on the sofa chair. All in all this has been a good day for the lovely Viktoria and she enjoys every minute of it!

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