Slam It! In Her Ass / Воткни ей в задницу (Macondo, Harmony Films) [2003 г., Pornstars, Group Sex, Anal, DP, DaP, DVDRip] (Jennifer Dark, Renee Pornero, Elizabeth Lawrence, Victoria Sin, Maria Sun, Lucy Lee)

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Slam It! In Her Ass / Воткни ей в задницу (Macondo, Harmony Films) [2003 г., Pornstars, Group Sex, Anal, DP, DaP, DVDRip] (Jennifer Dark, Renee Pornero, Elizabeth Lawrence, Victoria Sin, Maria Sun, Lucy Lee)

Сообщение MalonE » 11 мар 2013, 23:40

Slam It! In Her Ass / Воткни ей в задницу--Год производства: 2003 г.
Страна: UK
Жанр: Pornstars, Group Sex, Anal, DP, DaP
Продолжительность: 01:49:05
Язык: Английский-Режиссер: Macondo
Студия: Harmony Films-В ролях:
Scene 1. Lucy Lee, Jazz Duro, Lee Henshaw, Tony De Sergio
Scene 2. Elizabeth Lawrence, Lee Henshaw, Tony De Sergio
Scene 3. Jennifer Dark, Lee Henshaw
Scene 4. Nikki Sun, Ian Tate, Lee Henshaw, Ian Scott
Scene 5. Renee Pornero, Victoria Sin, Mick Blue, Steve Hooper-
Hard core for the masses, nice promo. Lucy Lee and her group of starlet harlots will burn us up here. Billed as an ass fucking fest, for those into plunging and trenching, back door style, this is for you. Our props go to a new maistro---Macondo.
Lucy is sucking cock with safety goggles on. She has either been working with power tools, before this intrusion of the three lads, or she knows the cum directionals will be too high-impact for her eye balls.
Everyone wears festive, bright orange, is it Fat Tuesday??? Sure are some fat cocks, three in all, and she is managing all of them. Anal, doggie and droopy drapes, visuals are looking good. Notice how small the one dude's hands are for having such a big dick, just an observation.
Another isosceles triangle patch of carpet above her curtain chutes, very nice. Can use that for a coaster. Snug, yet easy fit into her dump hole and look at those pussy organs bursting out. Lucy has more miles on that box than the Santa Ana Freeway.
If any girl could lose her "taint" and turn two holes into one big cavern, its Lucy. She keeps on her red tennis shoes, nice. Fast and ferocious "ferret fucking," as they rotate, just like shift change at the stamping plant.
Lucy, you have one, big, brown eye there. Got to give it to her, that puckered hole can take lots of pole. Car in background, Euro plate, another garage set. And speaking of the assembly line-----Great DP now and mouthing up top.
The ranch dressing flies forth, into her bum hole and down her crack, what a shiny mess. And her cum doubles, cumming to the face, goggles in place. Safety in the workplace, don't ya know. They get real funny with workman's comp claims these days.
All over her face, cheeks, mouth, sucking it dry and clean and all over her goggles, how fresh is this. Bravo..
Elizabeth takes over with her pink, popsicle toy and look at this barely legal tart. Working pinky into both her holes while the fountain runs. She has goggles too. Here comes the pony pricks.
She's got some worked ham slices peeking out too. Likes sucking her own goo off her toy, nice. One in the chute, one in the mouth, perfect angle and she has a potty mouth for "fuck me....oh fuck me."
Intense top riding while cocksucking another, versatility shown by the parties. These are prescription sunglasses, remember that for future reference. "Oh yah.....finger my ass." Of course, he likes your hole, as long as he does not fall in.
"Let me suck that cock...right out of my pussy.." Ask and ye shall receive, twin tower action too. She may have a tad of crack cheese going on but that's cool. "fuck my ass with your big, fat dick." And she wants to taste her ass, great ATM here.
"Fuck my shithole." Finally, something different. She does make a game effort to be verbally slutty, yet sincere. "Gape,"---nice Elizabeth, very nice. Boys got some stiff weenies, she cannot throat them all the way down, yet. They keep pounding her ass flanks and she will have trouble walking after this one.
Speaking of, notice after these kinds of sets, we never see the girl actually walking away. Because she can't. Her ass hole's ringing and her loins are singing, more ATM. Notice that cheese ring on his shaft?? DP now as she orders them to come and fuck her ass.
Glasses off, clouds have moved in. "I wanna suck your dick outta my ass." Don't have to ask twice. Lizzie has some freckles too. "Cum in my ass,"-- this girl is a sweetie. Look how puckered that asshole is. Those are hemorrhoids. And here comes the Dentu Creme, all over her gaping mouth and a little smile of conquest.
Jennifer Dark darkens our stoop in this one and she is horn blowing with a headset on, is that rich or what?? Looks like she is dressed for roller derby--elbow pads/knee pads, perhaps, and some battery pak hooked to her shorts. Everyone wears blue in this one.
Dude has two velcro strips taped across his mouth. Super, no talking dude here. He seems to be trussed up as she works his massive pole. He is turned loose for a bit of cunny licking while she plays with, what else, a blue toy.
Actually metallic blue and it looks radioactive as he pounds her pink slit. Head set must be for working with Madonna on a new sex album. Jennifer has quite a few road trips on these tenders.
Ooops, he missed his targets there, her tennis shoes stay on. There's an i-pod in there, just keep looking. Nice prolonged top riding as she gets her skank cranked, cock in the back, metallic torpedo in the front, nice lens work.
Jennifer wants that bone to blow and its almost time. Into the pooper goes the blue lagoon as she top rides more meat. She is a moaner, groaner and screamer. She sucks her ass hole by proxy and puts the ducky right back in again. What we need is a ball peen hammer to slam that toy into place, so she can taste something right off her bowel walls.
There we are-----spunk on the cheeks, in her crack, on the toy and look at it shine. Some spit for good measure and she sucks it all off her toy. And they kiss each other, how gross.
Blondes are gonna have fun here and look at this prom queen girl. Two animals are already on her and what tiny, but cute titties on Maria Sun. Do you see those containers of various colored fluids over there?? Just a reminder.
Time for butt fun. DP, furious fingering to get her opened up and its cocksucking, sandwich time. Nut and shaft tonguing, a lost art revived. And some suckey slurpey in this one. She loves sucking these two danglers.
Corn holing and cocksucking with Maria gagging in the middle. Seems to be some shadows around her areas and those lips look like sun sweet prunes. So, let's bring a third arrowhead dick into the fray.
Its apparent butt-fucking is laborious, hence the multiple changes in positioning. Super zoom work here. Arse hole is gaping now as the shaft slides in and out effortlessly. Black, spiked pumps stay on.
More super DP. Sweaty and sticky. Two in the butt hole??? Tough call. Its cock rubbing cock. Poor Maria is really gapped wide now and yep, its double dicking in one hole, super work.
And there it flies, two at the same time, all over her privates and ass flanks, very nicely done and look at those giant spurts, count them, six maybe. That is a super climax.
Renee Pornero enters. And Vicky Sin too. Is that what Renee has on her license?? Right to the cocksucking and spitting we go, no screwing around. Two cock boys and two hole girls. Is dude wearing girls' panties??
Both girls are defiantly determined to own the cocks. Hope she's wearing costume jewelry cuz cum will devalue real pieces. Frigging is at a blinding pace. Two fannies, side by side, in the air, getting probed and these girls are screamers.
Buried into the bowels, right to the ball sacs, nice. This is one of those mini-orgies where everyone is everywhere and no hole is safe. Bottom, top, side, its like a geometry class. Time out for a hot, girlie kiss and back to mending the fences.
Long, tall, action poles on the lads and they are keeping up at a feverish pace. That's why this game is for the young. Tight, hard balls one machine has. Girls switch poles, just like trying on new clothes.
Don't hesitate to use the rewind or slo-mo dials here, this is fast-paced porn. ATM cocking, sweet. Look how nice the girls play and share their toys. This is noteworthy, considering how wild with lust they are.
More superb DP slamming. And the girlies swap, kiss and spit, very hot. Heels, stockings and suspender belts stay on. Here flies the sauce, and the second spray can, spurts a nice one over the top of her head.
The girls kiss, cock in the middle, and they are exhausted. Cum to think of it, so are we.
-Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264/AVC) 700x380 29.97fps ~1700kbps
Аудио: Dolby AC3 44100Hz 2 channels stereo 128kbps-
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