Chicas Locas in East L.A / Чиксы из Восточного Лос-Анджелоса (Ed Hunter, Joe Pusher, Third World Media.) [2010 г., All Sex, Latin., DVDRip]

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Chicas Locas in East L.A / Чиксы из Восточного Лос-Анджелоса (Ed Hunter, Joe Pusher, Third World Media.) [2010 г., All Sex, Latin., DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 12 мар 2013, 09:05

Chicas Locas in East L.A / Чиксы из Восточного Лос-Анджелоса
#77Год производства: 2010 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: All Sex, Latin.
Продолжительность: 01:32:05
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Ed Hunter, Joe Pusher
Студия: Third World Media.
В ролях: Dee, Andrea, Jeanette, Arlene, Crystal Hernandez, Marie Montez
Описание: Andrea has come to our local production office to meet up with our man on the East La scene- Joe Pusher. He offers up his fat cock for her to wrap her pretty latina lips around. She is originally from Phoenix but has made LA her home and has quickly acquainted herself with the local ways. She drops to her knees and slobbers all over the end of his cock, then stands and sucks his dick just like a real LA whore would, bending over forward from the hips. Joe makes her stare into the camera while he smacks his dick on her face. She swallows his entire package and jacks him off too, before bending her fat ass and pre-lubed pussy over, allowing Joe to probe her insides with the tip of his dick. He makes her lick her own juices off the tip of his dick, en-route to a thick jizz wad that he rapid fires in her mouth, as she gags and chokes and eventually swallows it all. Marie is very proud of her own cock sucking skills. Joe picks her up on the LA streets and brings her back to his casa for some fun. She is small, young and petite with some torpedo shaped, all natural titties. Joe drops her to her knees, introducing her to his foreskin laden banana. Her pussy is ripe and ready to go and sucks up his fat chorizo with no problema at all. She rides cock in a variety of ways and is rewarded with a massive facial cum blast that coats her eyes and hair too. Dee is a brand new home bitch who knows how to play the game. She hops in Joes car and she gets busy right away sucking on his fat hog as he reclines in the driver seat. Dee is a sexy little latina who has been around the block a few times before. She can swallow his package and attaches her mouth like a leach to his big burrito. She begs for some Joe Pusher between her slice as well, as she strips down and readies for a romp in his ride. She fingers her hole as her big pussy lips flap from side to side, before sucking his cock up inside. She rides his shit and pulls it out from time to time to suck on it too. He blows big in her mouth and she sucks every last bit out swallowing it all; leaving just a little extra clinging like cobwebs from the insides of her mouth. Jeanette is another one of Joes vario favorites. From her two toned hair do to her permanent eye brows and from her halter top to her trashy mouth, this girl is 100% Chica and totally Loca too. She gobbles up Joes cock, going to town on it. This girl has swallowed the big pinga before and quickly drops her halter top to show off her fresh and firm tatas. She sucks up some nut along with his shaft and then bends over to take a romping from behind. She works her ass solo up and down his rod, pulling it out to suck on it as she goes. She then begs Joe to throat fuck her dirty mouth and he obliges, cramming his meat deep down her oral canal. She jerks it off two handed and awaits a wicked wad in her mouth to swallow. It pools on her tongue before she gargles it and then gulps down every last bit. She admits she does not even do that for her own boyfriend, which just proves what a E. LA player Joe truly is. Crystal is another brand new mamacita from the vario. This chica is certified LA hood rat, whose been tossed around at more than a few gang parties before. Crystal is 105 lb. with two toned blonde hair, fluorescent blue eye shadow and tats and piercings all over her body, certifying her as an official Chica Loca. Her tiny clam shell pussy is all puffed up, shaved and ready to get plugged. Its wet, sloppy and ready, secreting thick juices from deep inside and gets even wetter as she sucks nut and shaft off her new friend Joe. She backs her pussy up onto his pipe and gets a good bareback pounding, before opening wide for a taste of her own juices.

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Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 132kbps [Stream 01]
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