Rocco's Big Mess+Footage+Cumshots / Большой беспорядок Рокко (Rocco Siffredi, Evil Angel) ( Angelika Wild, Helena, Holly, Lucy Foxxx, Roberta Cavalcante, Veronica Vanoza, Virginia, Zenza )[2005 г., Shemale, Anal, Toilet Fuck, Midget, Mature, DVD

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Rocco's Big Mess+Footage+Cumshots / Большой беспорядок Рокко (Rocco Siffredi, Evil Angel) ( Angelika Wild, Helena, Holly, Lucy Foxxx, Roberta Cavalcante, Veronica Vanoza, Virginia, Zenza )[2005 г., Shemale, Anal, Toilet Fuck, Midget, Mature, DVD

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Rocco's Big Mess+Footage+Cumshots / Большой беспорядок Рокко

Год производства: 2005 г.
Жанр: Shemale, Anal, Toilet Fuck, Midget, Mature
Продолжительность: 02:19:52+00:29:38+00:04:09
Язык: Английский
Режиссер: Rocco Siffredi
Студия: Evil Angel
В ролях: Angelika Wild, Black Jack, Brian, Helena, Holly, Janos Volt, Johnny Steel, Leslie, Lucy, Lucy Foxxx, Maria, Michael Chapman, Nico Blade, Niki Dark, Omar Galanti, Patricia, Peti, Roberta Cavalcante, Rocco Siffredi, Romeo, Sisy, Sophie, Tibor, Tim Brensen, Timoti, Trinity, Uncle George, Veronica Vanoza, Virginia, Zenza Raggi
Scene One: Angelika Wild, a moderately appealing brunette in a slinky red dress, was up first in a scene reminiscent of the one from Who Fucked Rocco?, in that she was taken to the men's room to blow a dwarf by the name of Holly One (like Katsumi did in the other flick. Initially, she tried to enlist Rocco into helping her but he was too bust at the 12th annual international cinema erotico show in Barcelona, and told her to come back afterwards. Holly took her in the bathroom, and the rest is written in dwarf history. It was a small dick on a small man with a small load but an admittedly different way to start a porno, yes?
Scene Two: Roberta Cavalcante, a mannish looking trannie, was up next as he blew old Uncle George in the kitchen. I suppose if you've had a ton of pot, perhaps a couple of six packs of beer or a few bottles of wine, he could pass as simply an ugly woman but I'm being extremely generous if you catch my drift. It was a blowjob only scene too and set the stage for the rest of the movie.
Scene Three: Patricia and Veronica Vanoza, the two gals featured on the front DVD cover with Rocco Siffredi, were up next as he took care of them in the office setting. I hated the short hair on one gal but fans of Belladonna might appreciate that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Otherwise, there were some lesbian antics before he started to play with them in earnest, fingering them and getting some head from them as they took turns on his throbbing member. There was some vaginal action going on but then they were joined by "Dr." Michael Chapman, who joined them after he got a special surprise by Roberta (how he could be fooled by the guy is beyond me though) in a flashback. Sadly, Rocco left the trio to themselves as he went off to take care of business. The scene included oral, vaginal and anal with the sweaty black man trying to get his mind off of the transsexual encounter he had in the flashback sequence. The gals took the load to their mouths and cumswapped it finish up the scene.
Scene Four: Angelika Wild, Roberta Cavalcante, Johnny Steel, Tim Brensen, Timoti Hayd, Janos Volt, Black Jack, Tibor, Brian, Peti, Nico Blade, Romeo, and Leslie, were up next after Rocco figured out the mystery and called Angelika. This scene was set up as a scenario where it was Roberta's class reunion and it turned into a perverted orgy. The food fetish action was augmented by Angelika and Roberta blowing the men in groups, never actually stating if the men were drunk enough to not know about Roberta packing a penis (or if they really cared since a stiff dick has no conscience). To me at least, it looked like the line forming around Angelika was far larger than the one around her boyfriend/husband, especially once his secret popped out of his pants. That's when a few of the guys started blowing him in return. About the only action that didn't bother me here was when he started boning Angelika in the ass but even then the large number of guys were stroking off around both of them. The other guys took over though and started porking them, fine for the gay-friendly fans out there but of limited value to the vast majority of porn fans in my opinion.
Scene Five: Lucy Foxxx, Virginia, Niki Dark, Omar Galanti, and Zenza Raggi, were up next in a photoshoot involving fetish attire. Virginia got some early meat by Zenza butthis led to some passionate attacking by Omar in the bathroom by a couple of the fetish models (Lucy and Niki to be precise). They sucked him off like seasoned professionals and he responded by stuffing them completely full of man meat in the pussy and ass with PTM and ATM for those who care. Eventually, Zenza joined them and it got complicated so Omar got kicked out to work with Virginia as he took care of the two grumpy gals. It was kind of a weird scene but reasonably heated for the most part too.
Scene Six: Trinity, Sophie, Sisy, Maria, Helena, Miszgor, Lucy, Omar Galanti, Rocco Siffredi, and Michael Chapman were up in the last scene that had all the twists of a niche porn scene. The women were all about three times older than most female porn performers, easily qualifying for granny porn status. No matter what Rocco said in their favor, other than Trinity, the gals were made for men twice Rocco's age. The sexual antics were similar to most of Rocco's movies except for the huge age difference but unless you're into granny porn, pass this one up.
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Формат видео: AVI
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 708x480 29.97fps 2 048 Kbps [Stream 00]
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 44100Hz stereo 64kbps [Stream 01]

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