Aurora Snow vs Gauge / Аврора-Снежок против Гейдж (Jules Jordan) [2006 г., Гонзо, анал, групповой, DVDRip]

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Aurora Snow vs Gauge / Аврора-Снежок против Гейдж (Jules Jordan) [2006 г., Гонзо, анал, групповой, DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 12 мар 2013, 10:56

Аврора-Снежок против Гейдж / Aurora Snow vs Gauge
#77Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: США
Жанр: Гонзо, анал, групповой
Продолжительность: 4 часа 21 минута
Перевод: Отсутствует
Режиссер: Jules Jordan
В ролях: Gauge, Aurora Snow
Описание: Сцены, которые сделали их звездами! Не должно иметь значение, если Вы не фанат любой из этих 2 малышек. Если Вы - фанат хорошего, дикого секса, или фанат стиля bukkake, анального секса, групповушки, сексуальных игрушек, если Вы - фанат выше перенчисленного, то Вы найдете все это в этом удивительном более чем 4 часовом двойном DVD Авроры-Снежка и Гейдж.
Доп. информация:
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео кодек: XviD
Аудио кодек: MP3
Видео: 512x384 29.97fps [Stream 00] 1464кбит\сек
Аудио: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 114kbps [Stream 01]
Disc 1 :
Chapter 1 – Aurora Snow And Gauge: When the scene begins, the two girls are sitting in the back seat of a moving car. Jules encourages the girls to talk to each other about sex but Gauge takes the initiative and starts playing with Aurora's breasts. Once they get to a house, the two girls don't waste any time getting together and Gauge gets Aurora's pants off and starts eating her ass out before she puts a butt plug inside of it for her. Gauge puts a ball gag on Aurora and starts to give Jules head but she's freed not too long afterwards so that both girls can suck on his dick. Once the oral is over with Jules has Aurora lay on top of Gauge face to face so that he can fuck them both from behind, going from one girl to the next, pussy to pussy and then later from ass to ass. Jules eventually starts to fuck each girl individually in the ass from a few different positions and there's some ass to mouth action here before he pulls out and comes all over the two girls.
Chapter 2 – Aurora Snow, Erik Everhard, Pat Myne And Jay Ashley: After Aurora fills out some paperwork for Jules he takes her back to his house where she finds the three guys waiting for her. She gets down on her knees and they whip out their dicks so that she can go from one cock to the next sucking them all off. As she sucks their dicks they each take turns fucking her in the ass in a sort of round robin fashion. Soon enough she's getting DP's while giving a blowjob and then she takes two cocks in her ass and one in her snatch at the same time. Once the guys are hot and ready they pull out and shoot their loads into her mouth and all over her face and breasts.
Chapter 3 – Gauge, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, John Strong, Mark Wood And Two Other Guys: When this scene begins, Gauge is trapped in a big cage. Two guys enter the room and she sucks one off while the other fucks her from behind, while she's still in the cage. After a bit of that they let her out and three other dudes come into the room. She gets down on her knees and they make a circle around her so that she can go from one cock to another, giving each of them head. The guys take turns fucking her ass while she sucks off the other participants, and soon she's getting DP's doggy style. This leads to some double anal penetration and once that's over with, the guys all pull out and stroke off onto Gauge's face to close the scene.
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Chapter 4 – Aurora Snow And Jules Jordan: After we hear Aurora tell Jules that her sex life with her boyfriend just isn't dirty enough for her tastes, he takes her inside where Jules starts things off by fucking her ass and her pussy with a couple of different large sized dildos. He leaves the toy in her ass and fucks her pussy from behind, and then she gets down on her knees and gives him head. From there she spreads her legs and lays back on him so that he can fuck her in the ass. She does some ass to mouth bits and then he puts it back in her ass, comes, and makes her drink it out of a shot glass once she's dribbled his leftovers out of her.
Chapter 5 – Gauge, Brett Rockman, And Mark Wood: Gauge is all decked out in a schoolgirl costume when she gets busted fingering herself outdoors by Brett and Mark. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking the guys off for a bit, and then they take her inside and strip her down. She sucks them a bit more and then Brett starts to fuck her pussy as she lies back. From there they take turns fucking her in the ass, and then from there they DP her while she's on all fours. They pull out and shoot into her mouth, ending the scene and closing off the first disc's worth of action.
Disc 2 :
Chapter 1 – Aurora Snow, Erik Everhard, And Jay Ashley: Aurora starts the scene off by showing the camera where she wants some cock to go – right up her ass! She gets down on her knees in front of the two guys and starts giving head in that special way of hers before getting down on all fours so that she can get fucked from behind while she keeps sucking dick. Soon she's taking it up the ass, which then leads way to a double penetration scene. From there it moves into double anal penetration which is where it finishes once the guys pull out and jack it into her face.
Chapter 2 – Gauge, Jules Jordan And Jay Ashley: This scene starts with Gauage flashing people on a highway overpass. From there she heads back to a house with the two guys and gets down to going down. Jules gets her to show off her ass to the camera and once she's done that to his satisfaction he sticks his dick in her back door. She keeps sucking Jay until he wants a piece too and then it's time for double penetration action. She takes the anal pounding of a lifetime before the guys pull out and shoot it into her face to end the scene.
Chapter 3 – Aurora Snow And Some Dudes: This is the infamous scene in which Aurora plays a nurse looking for sperm samples. She shows up in a nurse's outfit looking very nice indeed before she gets down on her knees and starts to blow one guy after the next. She basically blows the group of guys for fifteen to twenty minutes before opening her mouth wide so that they can all come inside. While group oral isn't always sexy you've got to give Ms. Snow credit for really making the most out of this scene and showing the utmost enthusiasm for her work.
Chapter 4 – Gauge, Jules Jordan, And Some Other Dude: Gauge starts the scene off by licking a big colorful lollipop. Once she's teased us with that she gets down on her knees and sucks one guy while jerking off the other two. She strokes and sucks and sucks and strokes then stokes and sucks some more until all three guys are ready to blow and that's just what they do all over her face. While it's probably not possible to match Aurora's enthusiasm for oral, Gauge proves in this scene that she can certainly come damn close in her efforts.
Chapter 5 – Gauge, John Strong, Arnold Schwarzenpecker, And Mark Wood: The final scene starts off with tiny little Gauge coming out of a big suitcase (!?!). She starts things off by getting down on her knees in front of the three guys and giving them head, one at a time. From there she gets on all fours and sucks one while she gets fucked from behind by one and then two of the other guys. She takes the DP action like the trooper that she is until they come inside and she farts it out ending the scene and the feature.
While both of these girls have gone on to bigger things, it's nice to check out some of their early work and see just why they've risen in status over the years to become two of the more popular petite girls in the industry. They are both very cute, naturally pretty, and quite likeable in these scenes even when they're at their filthiest. It makes for an interesting contrast to their girl next door good looks, and it also makes for good porn.
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