Big Ass Roundup / Сборище больших задниц (John Leslie /Evil Angel) [2011 г., Gonzo, Anal, DVDRip](Split-9-Scenes)*(Jayden James,Tori Black,Alexis Texas,Phoenix Marie,Aline,Jenny Hendrix,Brianna Love,Bobbi Starr,Rachel Starr,Hailey)

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Big Ass Roundup / Сборище больших задниц (John Leslie /Evil Angel) [2011 г., Gonzo, Anal, DVDRip](Split-9-Scenes)*(Jayden James,Tori Black,Alexis Texas,Phoenix Marie,Aline,Jenny Hendrix,Brianna Love,Bobbi Starr,Rachel Starr,Hailey)

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Big Ass Roundup / Сборище больших задниц--Год производства: 2011 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Gonzo, Pornstars, Anal, All Sex
Продолжительность: 05:21:19
Язык: Английский-Режиссер: John Leslie
Студия: John Leslie Productions
Дистрибьютор: Evil Angel-C участием:
Jayden Jaymes, Aaron Wilcoxxx, Tori Black, Ice Cold, Alexis Texas, Marco Banderas, Phoenix Marie, Johnny Sins, Aline, Rico Strong, Prince Yahshua, Jenny Hendrix, Tommy Gunn, Brianna Love, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, Bobbi Starr, Alec Knight, Joe Blow, Rachel Starr, Hailey James, Jerry-
Описание и скрины
Scene 1. Jayden Jaymes, Aaron Wilcoxxx
Scene One: Crack Her Jack 10: Jayden Jaymes, Aaron Wilcoxxx: Jayden James, a wonderfully thick brunette with a superior ass, was up last and the director was wise enough to showcase her backside from a variety of camera angles. The tease was solid but too short and coaxed Aaron Wilcox to come out of hiding and get orally busy on her to her appreciation. That led to her inhaling his cock like it was a pound of chocolate, licking and savoring the experience a lot as she warmed up for his dick inside of her. There was some titty fucking but it was not as passionate as the vaginal plowing she took from the guy, impaling herself on his rod and using dirty talk to milk his nuts dry. The scene ended when he rubbed out a wad of semen to her face, Jayden giving some post coital head and massaging the juice in her ample breasts. While not a great scene, it was an okay finish to appreciate. 11/13/2008
Scene 2. Tori Black, Ice Cold
Scene Two: Voyeur 35: Tori Black, Ice Cold: Tori Black, an ice princess for several years now, was up next as she straightened up around the house while being peeped on by the director. She wore a white terrycloth robe at times but changed into a yellow patterned dress to impress her client, Ice Cold, before the two engaged in an interracial trysts on the couch she prepared for them. She slobbed his knob and he reciprocated, the two moving into a 69 for a lot more oral on one another. Tori’s reputation for appearing cold did not apply here nearly as much as usual, her lips wrapping around his big, black cock aggressively to warm him up for the various vaginal penetration positions. She was passive in most of those positions until warmed up though, her ass looking best when the two did doggy and he went balls deep inside her as she moaned in a combination of pleasure and pain. It ended with a wad of spunk landing on her face, the round of population pudding pleasing her as she looked up at him. 2008
Scene 3. Alexis Texas, Marco Banderas
Scene Three: Ass Trap: Alexis Texas, Marco Banderas: Alexis Texas, the healthy shaped Texas gal featured on the right side of the front cover, was up first as she worked a mechanical pump in the bathtub (bending over with each pump to reveal no panties under her neon blue dress). She wet her outfit for a better look and the tease continued displaying her ample sample of a body including some special footage of her oiled up. She then walked through the house to sit on the face of muscular Marco Banderas, the man enjoying her fleshy ass and thighs wrapping around his head while he ate her out. She then spun around for easier access to his cock, slobbing his knob actively, much like she ended up riding him vaginally in the living room. The booty shaking did not stop with the tease and this was one of her best scenes of the year as far as I was concerned. There was a lot of PTM between positions and it finished when Marco rubbed out a load of genetic juice to her mouth for swallowing. Yum! 8/29/2008
Scene 4. Phoenix Marie, Johnny Sins
Scene Four: Fresh Meat 25: Phoenix Marie, Johnny Sins: “Phoenix Marie opens up the third scene of the movie laying face down on the floor in the doggy position. As the camera pans around to her ass we get to see a glass toy protruding out her anus and Phoenix start to pump it in and out of her hole. Phoenix gives the toy some ass to mouth and looks way to happy to be doing so but hey whatever floats your boat sweetie. Johnny Sins then comes into the picture and like all good men he comes bearing a gift. The gift Johnny bought in happens to be some kind of pump it up anal butt plug and he places it inside of Phoenix and then plays her pussy while the toy is still inside of her ass. Johnny plays around with Phoenix pussy first with his fingers and then with the glass toy the girl opened up the scene with. After playing with the girls cunt Johnny undresses and has Phoenix suck on his cock and god can this girl do a good job at dick sucking... it just looks great and I can only imagine how good it must feel getting oral from this lady. After getting his cock sucked Johnny goes around to the backside of Phoenix who is still on the floor by the way and begins to pump her pussy with his cock. With the butt plug still inside Phoenix Johnny takes it out and moves from fucking her baby box to her poop shoot and Phoenix takes his big cock in either hole with ease. After a bit the couple move from the floor and onto a sofa where Phoenix gets her ass fucked in reverse cowgirl. Following reverse cowgirl Phoenix performs a little ass to mouth before spinning around to get ass fucked in the cowgirl position. To wrap up the scene the two fuck in anal missionary and Phoenix lands up with a facial.” (review by The Horny Housewife) 12/4/2008
Scene 5. Aline, Rico Strong, Prince Yahshua
Scene Five: Jet Fuel: Aline, Rico Strong, Prince Yahshua: Aline is a very attractive blond girl with big tits and a big ass to match. She opens her scene by walking into the living room where she begins by showing off her very nice tits then sitting on the sofa and fingering her pussy. Aline is dressed in a very cute one piece baby blue top / skirt which fits her body like a glove. After playing for the camera a bit Aline gets up and walks upstairs where she finds a couple of guys who are more than ready to please her. Aline fingers her slit in front of the guys and both come towards her and begin to kiss and rub all over her nice body. Eventually Aline lands up sucking one guys cock while the other eats her pussy. Oral play continues for a bit until the guys drench Aline's firm body in baby oil then begin to fuck her. Aline gets taken in standing doggy to begin as she fucks one guy she sucks on the other. The action switches from standing doggy to cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. Aline knows how to please two guys at one time and really gets into the action and shows her love for what she is doing. After both guys pass Aline's pussy, asshole, and mouth from one to another the nasty Aline gets a nice looking reverse cowgirl and cowgirl DP which looks scorching hot. After the DP Aline lands up on her knees where both guys jack off onto her pretty face. (review by The Horny Housewife) 4/17/2008
Scene 6. Jenny Hendrix, Tommy Gunn
Scene Six: Crack Her Jack 9: Jenny Hendrix, Tommy Gunn: Jenny Hendrix, the curvy young lady featured on the front cover (spreading her ass cheeks and on the upper right hand corner), was up first as she masturbated in a comfy chair, her fishnet top, garters, and stockings looking quite fetching on her. The tease was pretty decent as she walked around the room to John's voice, the two carrying on a conversation as she started jamming large sex toys into her snatch. The moans appeared to be mechanical and pornish to me, Tommy Gunn walking in to place a BDSM bit in her mouth as she continued her performance. The anal that came afterwards was even less believable though and I was more interested in how she would wrap her lips around his cock to blow him. John helped work the blue dildo inside of Jenny as she slobbed Tommy's knob, the technical 69 and his oral fleshing things out but again, not in a convincing manner. Jenny rode his cock passively throughout the scene as well though, killing the heat for me even before the ending load of genetic juice landed on her face. 11/13/2007
Scene 7. Brianna Love, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood
Scene Seven: Brianna Love: Her Fine Sexy Self: Brianna Love, Mr. Pete, Mark Wood: Brianna Love, the hotty on the front cover, was up first as she hooked up with Mark Wood and Mr. Pete in the living room. She was initially wearing tight pants but those were cast aside in favor of her white garb underneath; the thong discarded to give the men a better show as she slobbed their respective knobs. She lit up at the sight of the cocks; jerking one off while sucking on the other, soon getting her pussy banged really well. The way her ass cheeks rippled was inspiring (as always) and she took turns with the men as did her; the gal picking up the camera for a little reverse POV action. The editing was choppy at times but the energy levels were enough to overlook that fact as the gal appeared to be having fun. The vaginal and PTM action then moved on to her doing anal with nearly as much enthusiasm, eventually doing some DP work too. By the end of the anal pounding she took, she was aggressively riding them hard, doing ATM as her only break in the penetrative action. She finished up with facials and some post coital sucking; the heat generated providing an excellent beginning to the movie as the population pudding fell down her torso. Yum! 5/23/2007
Scene 8. Bobbi Starr, Alec Knight, Joe Blow
Scene Eight: Ass Trap: Bobbi Starr, Alec Knight, Joe Blow: Bobbi Starr, a brunette anal queen with a pretty smile, was up last wearing a sheer pink dress that looked much better on the floor. She was seen walking through the house to spy on Alec Knight and Joe Blow, the pair of mopes coming into the den to play with her once she started giving her solid tease. Joe ate her while she kissed Alec, the guy then using a large dildo to spread her willing ass a bit. This suited her just fine and in mere seconds Bobbi was blowing them enthusiastically, treating them far better than their station in porn, using her skills to really liven things up. The oral led to them banging her pussy and ass, Bobbi not as active as her very best scenes this year but still showing why so many fans adore her antics, all of them laced with oral since she likes the taste of her bodily fluids on cock so much (PTM and ATM). Her easy entry treatment of them men continued until she swallowed their wads of semen, the camera fading out before she ingested every drop but the love of semen in her mouth established. 8/29/2008
Scene 9. Rachel Starr, Hailey James, Jerry
Scene Nine: Rachel’s Choice: Rachel Starr, Hailey James, Jerry: Rachel Starr, wearing a skimpy white outfit, then introduced cute Haileey James to Jerry in the living room. Haileey masturbated while she waited for the pair to pry each other off themselves but was soon an integral part of the scene as the ladies gave him some head. It was a lot slower oral at first, each gal's style markedly different but Jerry liked it when Haileey sat on his face before swapping it out for his cock; increasing her tempo as she warmed up. Rachel got some cookie love from the guy too, Rachel serving Haileey with a neon pink dildo in the ass to stretch her out for his dick to replace it. Rachel assisted using a vibrator to ease the pain portion of the pleasure/pain dynamic that comes with anal sex, the bullet making it easier until the final load appeared all over her torso. I'd have rather they left the anal alone given how limited it was here but the scene ended with a laugh when the hiccups started. 11/13/2007
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