Buttmans Rio Extreme Girls / Buttmans Rio Extreme Girls (Evil Angel,John Stagliano) [2010 г., Gonzo, DVDRip]

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Buttmans Rio Extreme Girls / Buttmans Rio Extreme Girls (Evil Angel,John Stagliano) [2010 г., Gonzo, DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 12 мар 2013, 13:45

Buttmans Rio Extreme Girls / Buttmans Rio Extreme Girls

Год производства: 2010| Жанр: Gonzo Продолжительность: 288 мин. | Язык: English | Киностудия:Evil Angel
Режиссер:John Stagliano Страна: USA
В ролях: Talita Brandao, Monica Santhiago, Marcellinha Moraes, Agatha Morena,
Joyce Oliveira--
Special 2-Disc Set. Buttman revisits the sultry paradise of Brazil and the kind of filmmaking that made him famous. In four long scenes of fetishy, ass-oriented fun, his loving camera captures five local beauties in their uninhibited element. The asses of girls like Talita Brandao, Monica Santhiago and cover girl Marcelinha Moraes tease Buttman and the viewer. Each girl enjoys a soulful ass reaming from Jazz Duro, and the action is accompanied by familiar Buttman trimmings: Glass toys, gaping buttholes, face-sitting, deep-throat blow jobs teeming with gag spit, even a pink suction device that deforms erogenous zones into sensational visuals. All along, Buttman remains the breathless, ass obsessed romantic (with the great photographic eye) that he was in the first Buttman movie. The disc includes extensive behind-the-scenes footage, photo galleries, cast list, filmographies, and trailers.Scene 1: Buttman says this ass fetish-flavored scene is the kind he dreams of shooting, and Talita Brandao is a big reason.Her sexy face, framed by a blonde mane, features pretty eyes with huge lashes, and dramatic tan lines mark her firm titties. Buttman finds her on a Rio street, her broad ass and huge hips encased in tight, black leggings that graphically show the contour of her crack. On a patio overlooking the ocean, her twin-basketball cheeks overflow from her pants to envelop the face of Jazz Duro. She provides an awesome deep-throat blowjob, with waves of gag spit pouring from her mouth (and nose!) to thoroughly trash her mascara and coat her body. With Jazzs dork buried in her rectum, she flashes a delighted smile, loudly bouncing her butt on his thighs. He binds her tits in orange bondage tape, drips white candle wax all over her tanned ass and pours champagne up her cunt till it bubbles out and cascades over her bod. Another deep-throating makes him cum in her throat.Scene 2: Marcelinha Moraes is a petite beauty with long, dark hair, natural tits and a stunning, round butt. She makes Buttman breathless teasing his camera and giving him a naked lap dance. Jazz Duro worships her ass, and her pretty eyes return the lust as she sucks his dick. When the fucking starts, shes even randier, grinding her ass in his crotch and taking a vigorous standing-position pounding. She pries five of her own fingers into her anus and looks gorgeous with that butt riding dick, undulating hypnotically and gaping. After a pussy fuck she tastes her juices on his prick, and she jacks his jism onto her lovely face.Scene 3: People love Brazil because of girls like Monica Santhiago and Joyce Oliveira they both have long, silky hair, racy tan lines, slim waists and big, spectacular butts that look alluring when their tight white leggings are tugged up into their ample cracks. Swaying in G-strings, those asses are worthy of worship, so Buttman and Jazz Duro kneel. After some luxurious tease, playful Monica reveals that shes had a string of pearls up her rear the whole time! Jazz stacks the girls asses and fucks the horny Joyce, and he cant resist shooting a stream of premature cum. But hes just warming up... A pink suction device he fastens over Monicas asshole pulls her anus out in a freakish prolapse! After a deep-throat blowjob ruins Monicas make-up, Joyce rides Jazz dick anally, her buns a-flexin. Jazz trades off spearing both girls assholes in a long sequence with delicious visuals. The girls get their butts poked with toys; Monica gapes. Joyce jerks Jazz load into Monicas mouth and after a cum kiss, the ladies flex their buttholes at the camera.Scene 4: Agatha Moreno is a big, tall girl with a friendly smile and black hair all the way down to her huge ass. When Buttman pulls her dress up into her crack, her pussy looks like a puffy protrusion, and it expands further when Jazz Duro applies a pink suction device. She sits on Jazzs face and gives him a deep-throat blowjob. He cranks her legs back by her head its a great position for a deep fuck and to show off her cheeky rump. She bounces lustily on his boner, and when he fucks her kneeling doggie-style, she wails into the mattress. A butt-fuck makes her ass gape, and Jazz yanks on her hair. Reaming her butt with her legs spread-eagled, his balls bang her fat cheeks. She groans in Portuguese and sucks his cock fresh from her butthole. After a fuck replete with face-slapping, choking and ass gaping, Agatha strokes Jazz to orgasm, then cleans his cock deep-throat style.
-Качество: DVDRip
Video: XVID 624x352 29.97fps 1217Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 124kbps [Stream 01]

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