Daddy's Little Princess / Папочкины маленькие принцесы (Mark Wood / Combat Zone) [2006 г., All Sex, Oral, Anal, DP, A2M, Facial, Teens, Gonzo, DVDRip]

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Daddy's Little Princess / Папочкины маленькие принцесы (Mark Wood / Combat Zone) [2006 г., All Sex, Oral, Anal, DP, A2M, Facial, Teens, Gonzo, DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 12 мар 2013, 14:20

Папочкины маленькие принцесы / Daddy's Little Princess
#77#77Год выпуска: 2006
Страна: США
Жанр: All Sex, Oral, Anal, DP, A2M, Facial, Teens, Gonzo
Продолжительность: 2ч 40м
Перевод: Не требуется
Режисер: Mark Wood
Студия: Combat Zone
В ролях: Cherrie Rose, Crystal Clear, Emily Evermoore, Megan Jones, Sasha Knox, Vanessa Lynn, Alec Knight, Mark Wood, Mick Blue, Mr. Pete
Описание: Spoiled By Cock! Watch these spoiled rotten girls get shown what it's like to be all grown up. They start out all innocent and end up as nasty as a swinging housewife! Sasha takes on two stiff fuck rods and soon finds herself in a very horny DP while Cherrie prefers the one on one treatment so she can dedicate all her lust to her hung stud. Newbie Vanessa takes a slamming from fuck machine Brandon Iron and then gorgeous brunette Megan gets pounded outdoors and in! Emily sucks and fucks a throbbing length of meat and is soon joined by the stunning Crystal in a raunchy girl/girl/guy threesome. Being as dirty as these girls are it goes without saying that they like to finish things off by taking in a fresh load of white hot cum, nice!
Описание на русском: Испорченые членом! Смотрите, как эти испорченные дрянные девочки показывают все, на что способны, чтобы доказать что они выросли. Они начинают, просто сама невинность, и заканчивают, столь же развратнно, как и изменяющие домохозяйки! Sasha берет два жестких члена, и скоро получает очень похотливое двойное проникновение. В это время Cherrie предпочитает трахаться еще и еще, таким образом она может удовлетворить всю ее жажду к сексу. Новенькая Vanessa получает трепку от секс-машины Brandon Iron, и затем великолепная брюнетка Megan нанизана на открытом воздухе! Emily сосала и трахалась с длинным пульсирующим членом и к ней скоро присоединяется ошеломляющая Crystal в неопрятной тройке девочки/девочки/парня. Быть столь же грязным, как эти девочки - это, само собой разумеется, они любят кончать глотая белую горячую сперму, как мило!
Доп. информация: Фильм разбит на 5 сцен, можно cкачать как все, так и только ту, что понравится.
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: WMV
Видео кодек: Windows Media
Аудио кодек: Windows Media
Видео: 720x480 (4:3) 29.97fps 2043Kbps
Аудио: 44100Hz mono 48Kbps
Adult Video News
Daddy's Little Princess
Rating: 4/5
Hot young ladies, emphasis on young, is the order of the day when it comes to Daddy's Little Princess. These teen queens offer their asses willingly, first cock, first cum.
The best scene is the last one, starring Emily Evermore and Crystal Clear double-teaming Mark Wood's wood. Each gets the chance to show off their formidable sucking skills before getting drilled. These girls are very hot, and they compliment each other very well.
The rest of the feature is so-so, not bad by a long shot, but nothing super special. Still, young ladies are hot, and young ladies who fuck on camera are even hotter.
Retailing: Sell it to people who like it young.
Adult DVD Empire
More fresh talent from Combat Zone!
3.50 out of 5.00 - Film: 3 Features: 3 Video: 4 Audio: 4
It's good to see Dion Giarrusso producing porn again, this time through his new company Combat Zone. Dion's past success at Red Light District has made his company one to watch, by fans and competitors alike. Mark Wood has been selected as one of Combat Zone's new directors. In addition to performing, Mark has directed many titles too (mostly for Legend) making him a good veteran choice for Dion's latest venture.
Sasha Knox kicks off the action, joining Mark and Alec Knight outdoors for a little poolside fun. The guys peel away the blonde's bikini, rubbing her soft natural breasts. Afterward, Sasha puts on a nice cock sucking show, expertly working over both Mark and Alecs' meat. By the time they move indoors, everyone is completely naked and ready to fuck. The guys take turns pounding away on Sasha's shaved pussy and hungry mouth. Mark finally pokes his cock into her ass, paving the way for some intense tag-team anal and plenty of ass-to-mouth sucking. Sasha takes a couple of DPs too, groaning and gritting her teeth as the guys pump her holes. At the end, Sasha opens her mouth for some warm jizz, gulping down each load one at a time.
More poolside action gets underway in the next scene as Cherrie Rose teases Mark with her tits and pussy. Mick Blue joins the fun, sitting in a lounge chair while the naughty Latina goes down on him. When they move inside, Mick inserts a glass dildo up Cherrie's ass, then fucks her pussy. Following some more ass and toy play, Mick gives Cherrie the real thing, fucking her ass while an orange dildo hangs out of her pussy. Even more impressive is how deep Cherrie sucks Mick's cock after he pulls out of her ass. Hell, she even manages to lick his balls while his long ass-flavored shaft is crammed down her throat! They finish up with some more anal in reverse cowgirl till Mick pulls free and unloads in Cherrie's mouth. She quickly swallows and sucks Mick's cock till the scene fades.
Looking a bit like Katie Holmes, 19-year-old Vanessa Lynn puts on a good game face, immediately evident as Mark and Brandon Iron interview her. Dressed in a white tank top, and a black skirt, the cute brunette looks at ease as the guys quiz her. She slowly slips out of her clothes, giving us a view of her fine wide ass and surprisingly large natural breasts. Mark hands off the camera duties then whips out his cock so Vanessa can suck him. Vanessa doesn't take it in the ass, but she puts on a great show as Mark pounds her little pussy in numerous positions. She even cums hard as Mark slam fucks her in cowgirl and missionary positions, causing her to tremble and shiver. Mark keeps fucking her till he's ready to squirt, pulling out just in time to unload in Vanessa's open mouth and face.
Fresh from Miami, cover girl Megan Jones gives Mark an eyeful while sitting on an outdoor bench. Following some nice tease, Mr. Pete stops by to get his cock sucked. Megan then bends over the bench, allowing Pete to pull down her white panties and fuck her pussy from behind. As expected, they eventually take the action indoors where Pete continues hammering away on Megan's shaved pussy. The cowgirl and reverse cowgirl setups look great, giving us a fine view of Megan's plump ass and soft natural tits. After pounding her in a missionary position, Pete pulls free and sprays his ball batter across Megan's face. She drools his seed and tastes his meat one more time to close out the scene.
In the final scene, Emily Evermore arrives at Mark's home (dressed in pink top, black skirt and black stockings) after school and greets him with a nice blowjob in the entryway. The blonde then scampers off to the bathroom to wash her pussy in the sink. Mark follows closely behind and fucks her clean pussy all over the bathroom. But they're interrupted by a knock at the door. Mark leaves Emily in the bathroom and greets Crystal Clear at the front door, receiving yet another blowjob. He screws Crystal on a nearby sofa till Emily walks in. While angry at first, Emily recognizes Crystal from her science class, and immediately gets turned on. The girls round out the scene by taking turns riding and sucking Mark's cock. He lets them share his load too, sprinkling the goo across their faces. Emily and Crystal drool cum and lick Mark's cock, but the scene fades too soon as the girls initiate a creamy kiss.
If this disc is any indicator, it looks like Combat Zone has hit the ground running in terms of DVD quality and production. Although not perfect, the video is relatively crisp and vivid, with few blemishes. The stereo audio track sounds better than average too, with a steady mix throughout. There aren't a ton of extras, but the 44-minutes of BTS footage certainly makes up for the lack of selection. This generous piece offers plenty of interviews, on-set footage of the girls, photo shoot stuff, and even some tease sequences. Other extras include cum shot recaps and a photo gallery.
Daddy's Little Princess has some good moments, but it's a little too rough around the edges to earn a solid recommendation. While the performances range from decent to great, the production side feels a little cheap and amateurish. Most distracting is the lighting, particularly in the outdoor sequences where some of the key action is obscured in shadow due to underexposure. The locations seem rather unremarkable too when compared with the lavish settings seen in other competing titles. But if you can look past these issues, you'll be treated to some hot action and exciting fresh faces. Vanessa Lynn is one to watch!
Excalibur Films
Rating: 4/5
Porn is war, at least that is what Combat Zone's name makes me think. I don't know if that has anything to do with the style of movies they will produce or not, but at least it gives us something to wonder about while we watch hot chicks. For this effort, CZ has industry vet Mark Wood behind the camera. Wood isn't venturing too far from his comfort zone either. For years, Wood shot a sexy little teen line for another company. He even has his old partner Brandon Iron back to make sure he feels comfy. Of course the guy behind the camera doesn't matter nearly as much as the girls in front of it. This teen line with a catchy title also has a great young cast. Sasha Knox and Emily Evermore are probably the best-known of the bunch, but look out for the rest of these girls. They may be princesses in daddy's eyes, but we want them all to be super hot porn queens as well.
Sasha Knox
Mark is just sitting around outside waiting for Alec to bring Sasha over. The pretty blonde doesn't want to waste any time. She just wants to fuck and has two dicks ready to give her what she needs. The beauty of her face is dulled a bit when she tries too hard to make fake gagging noises while sucking. They actually get worse when the threesome moves inside the house. She is so fucking hot that it kills me to hear her do this. Sasha knows how to fuck and uses her body perfectly. Her prom queen fresh looks and cheerleader body make her the perfect dream girl, but it is her willingness to put her tongue anywhere as she takes dick in her pussy that really makes her special. The anal action in this scene is really fantastic as she throws her legs back up to her ears and gets slammed as hard as can be. That is just a warm up though. The truly hot shit comes when Wood has her in RCA and rocks her on his lap. Sasha proves to be a perfect spinner with a stretchable colon. They need to find a way to slow her down and some hard DP seems to do the trick. That may keep her from flailing about, but it only adds to an already smoking sex scene. Mark and Alec finish things off by shooting all over her pretty face. I don't know if Ms. Knox is going to stick around long enough (or come back) but she is a fucking superstar in the making.
Cherrie Rose
Cherrie gives us perhaps the line of the year when she tells Francesca that it is a ?good day to get fucked in the ass.? She joins Mark out by the pool and shows off the ass that will soon be penetrated. Another dude shows up and Mark decides to share the lovely young girl with his friend. (Don't let the pink shirt fool you, he's plenty happy to have a girl on the business end of his pole.) She does a fair amount of gagging as she bounces her head up and down in his lap. Mark wants to see her get fucked so Cherrie lifts her skirt, bends slightly and then tries to take a dick in her pussy. They move the action inside and crank up the heat. Cherrie grabs one of her feet, pulls it up over her head and lets him go as deep as he can. After the vigorous fucking, she takes it back in her mouth. This time the does some incredible deep throat skills. They move to her ass and find a toy that fits just perfectly. It stays in while she gets her pussy stuffed with real cock as she waits fro the big anal violation. This is an incredibly impressive anal scene followed by a hot facial.
Vanessa Lynn
Brandon Iron drops in to hang out with Mark. He picked a good day because Vanessa is a hot teen in pigtails who just wants to fuck. (Oh and she was born in 1986 for those us looking to feel old.) Brandon grabs the camera though and lets Mark fuck this eager young beaver. She's super cute, has some serious hips and doesn't waste much time. It's great to watch her fuck, but a longer blowjob might have been nice. They use the chair to help throw her legs over her head while her sock covered feet flop around on every stroke. Showing off the sort of energy that must have made her very popular in school, Vanessa works her hips and rocks her pussy up and down during the reverse cowgirl. After trying to wear the young girl out, Mark shoots all over her pretty face.
Meagan Jones
Cover girl Meagan isn't a teen, but she sure looks fresh out of the sorority house. Mark has her show off those wonderful natural tits and her tight little pussy. Mr. Pete gets to play with her and he doesn't make her wait long. She sucks his dick for a little bit, but has more on her mind. He spanks her ass as he takes her hard from behind. When they move into the house, she loses her clothes and lets him have better access to both her mouth and pussy. If you like hard-pounding vag, get ready to be taken for a ride. Meagan loves cock and Pete is happy to slam the living hell out of her. I love how flexible she is and the way she smiles as cum drips down her chin. This girl might be one of the best finds in this movie.
Emily Evermore & Crystal Clear
Emily comes right home after school and spends some time with Mark. The naughty schoolgirl would rather suck cock that study so she drops right to the floor. A long day in school has her pussy all sweaty so she washes it off in the bathroom. Mark lets her get clean and then turns her around for a bang on the countertop. The cramped quarters of the bathroom really don't bother these two. They fuck on the toilet, next to the counter and even make sure that the mirrors can be used to help with some new angles. Right in the middle of the fun, Crystal Clear shows up to hang with Mark. Apparently she doesn't mind the taste of another girl on her man because she gobbles him right up. They move to the couch and are busy fucking when Emily catches them. She doesn't mind of course and now has more room to ride his cock than she did in that little bathroom. Both girls give a very energetic performance here and finish off with a big shared facial. Hard to beat two hot schoolgirls for some afternoon fun.
Man there are some hot chicks in this movie. I've been on the Sasha Knox bandwagon from day one and I'm not about to hop off any time soon. She looks great in this scene and even though she is over-pornified with her quagging, she is a wet dream come true. Emil and Crystal provide a lot of heat in the final scene as well, sharing cock like they love it. This movie has a good feel to it, great looking girls and very hot sex. Cherrie's anal scene is bound to get noticed. The teen genre can feel very played out, but this movie is as fresh as the girls it features. If you like sexy young chicks who seem to like sex, this is the movie for you.
Scene 1. Alec Knight, Mark Wood, Sasha Knox
Scene 2. Cherrie Rose, Mick Blue, Mark Wood
Scene 3. Mark Wood, Vanessa Lynn
Scene 4. Megan Jones, Mr. Pete
Scene 5. Crystal Clear, Emily Evermoore, Mark Wood

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