Sodomania: The Baddest of the Best / Содомания: Крутейшее из лучшего (Patrick Collins, Elegant Angel) [1994 г., All Sex, Compilation, DVDRip]

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Sodomania: The Baddest of the Best / Содомания: Крутейшее из лучшего (Patrick Collins, Elegant Angel) [1994 г., All Sex, Compilation, DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 28 окт 2013, 14:44

Sodomania: The Baddest of the Best / Содомания: Крутейшее из лучшего

#77Год производства: 1994 г.
Страна: США
Жанр: All Sex, Compilation
Продолжительность: 02:17:23
Язык: Английский

Режиссер: Patrick Collins
Студия: Elegant Angel

В ролях:
Actresses - Beatrice Valle, Bionca, Cody O'Connor, Debi Diamond, Draghixa, Francesca Le, Kitty Yung, Lacy Rose, Nicole London, Rebecca Bardoux, Sierra, Tabatha Cash, Tiffany Mynx, Wendy Whoppers.
Actors - Cal Jammer, John Stagliano, Jon Dough, Mark Davis, Peter North, Randy Spears, Randy West, Rocco Siffredi, Roscoe Bowltree, Sean Michaels, Tom Byron, Tony Tedeschi.

The Sodomania series is something of a triumph in my book. Patrick Collins manages to bring full-fledged fantasies (usually perverse) to the little screen with each and every installment. The writing is snappy and extremely effective, and Collins manages to get his talent to act well. The amazing thing is that it's worked over 35 times. Not every scene is a screamer, but every flick has at least two scenes that are far above the porn-norm. This compilation, Sodomania: The Baddest of the Best...And Then Some, collects some of the best and some of the not best scenes from Sodomania 1, 2, 3, 5, and two scenes from The Bottom Dweller. It's early stuff and the AV quality is not terrific. There's a staggering amount of talented porn stars, though, and you'll get a taste of what Sodomania has to offer.
Список сцен:
Код: Выделить всё
1. Rebecca & Peter North & Sean Michaels                      Sodomania #02
2. Tabatha & Beatrice & Mark Davis                            Sodomania #03
3. Nicole & Tony Tedeschi                                     Sodomania #01
4. Tiffany & Randy Spears & Jon Dough                         Sodomania #03
5. Lacey & Tom Byron & Roscoe Bowltree                        Bottom Dweller
6. Cody & Francesca & Randy West                              Sodomania #01
7. Wendy & Cal Jammer & Roscoe Bowltree                       Bottom Dweller
8. Tiffany & Kitty & Randy West                               Sodomania #05
9. Bionca & Debi & John Stagliano                             Sodomania #05
10. Sierra & Cody & Rocco Siffredi                            Sodomania #02
11. Draghixa & Tom Byron                                      New Scene

О сценах подробнее:
First off is "Double Indemnity" with Rebecca Bardoux, Peter North, and Sean Michaels. Rebecca plays Peter's wife and rides Sean's big cock as Peter strokes his own massive prick. The gutter-mouth dialogue from Rebecca makes this scene a hot one. She never lets up unless her lips are wrapped around one of the two dicks that are constantly pounding into her. And the guys don't stay silent. After several minutes of action, she demands that Peter make Sean fuck her butt, so you can guess what happens. They wreck her ass for a time before popping off, giving us another look at the famous Peter North geyser.

Next is "Dream Come True" with a startlingly young Mark Davis and the very exotic and beautiful Tabatha Cash. The set up is very, very good. Tabatha agrees to do anything to make Mark stay with her. What ends up happening includes crawling up stairs for cock, good domination from Mark, and the surprise introduction of Beatrice Valle as a present from Tabatha. The acting in this one puts it in the top drawer. The two main actors play the dom/sub well. It helps that everyone involved is beautiful. The addition of a second woman in the middle adds a nice twist to the scene.

"Hot Cross Buns" is next and it also proves that porn stars can act a bit. Nicole London is Tony Tedeschi's kept mistress and she's mad. The hair and clothes really date this scene, but the interplay between Nicole trying to stay mad and Tony confidently charming her into sex works well. The sex is full of anal, starting with Tony getting four fingers up her chute and leading to much ass fucking. Not bad, but that hairstyle screams '80s.

Tiffany Mynx, Randy Spears, and Jon Dough star in my favorite, "Dream a Little Cream for Me". Seems that Randy is convinced that Tiff wants to fuck another man. So, despite her protests, he makes her dance for Jon. Tiff warms up to it nicely, getting hot and bothered as she strips for the stranger and Randy watches. The fucking that follows is intense, Tiffany is always a pleasure, and the corn-holing is a good time. It ends with a double cum shot in Tiff's heels, which she then drinks. Not my cup of tea, so to speak, but damn that set-up got me going.

The first of two scenes from the Bottom Dweller starts next with Lacey Rose (another victim of '80s hair) shows off her fine assets to Patrick Collins' alter-ego Roscoe Bowltree. She's playing the wife of Tom Byron (dressed as a geek named Milton) and Roscoe fingers and dildoes her ass before sending her over to Tom for the fucking portion of the scene. The 69 is decent action, and they get to the butt-pounding. It seems short, but there are 11 scenes to get through.

"I Came, I Saw, I Came Again" is weak on set-up for a Sodomania scene. Randy West simply interviews Cody O'Conner and they get to groping before Francesca Le joins in. The two girls keep this scene hot despite the fact that it seems to be severely edited. Not having seen the original version, I can't say for sure, but I hope there's more to this one. The threesome is done well, with all parties taking part throughout. The women are very pretty, with Cody's nice tits and Francesca's smoky looks they keep the view interesting.

Another Bottom Dweller scene is up and it starts with Wendy Whoppers stroking her oiled, beach-ball tits over Cal Jammer's cock. Dear God that woman has freakish implants. I'm surprised they didn't just snap off a few hours after being bolted on, they could easily kill a man with a glancing blow. The two of them engage in mediocre sex but it's obvious they're having fun. Roscoe Bowltree shows up and the guys tickle Wendy into a giggling heap before she sucks Roscoe and Cal fucks her feet. She convinces me that she's orgasmed and then licks Cal's spunk off her own toes. Limber.

"Maid for Each Other" is another Tiffany Mynx scene and another winner. This one is actually a little slow, but the set-up is sweet. Kitty Yung is Tiff's maid, and Ms. Mynx has some chores for her to do. She dominates Kitty throughout the scene, using the Asian lady like a fuck toy. Mid-way through, Tiff blindfolds Kitty and doesn't reveal that Randy West has shown up. Kitty takes a dildo before being made to crawl up the stairs to lick Tiff's waiting pussy. The sex begins and heats up an already warm scene. Kitty takes an anal pounding and gets loud. Tiff follows suit, getting poled in the shitter as Kitty eats her cunt. It's a great end to a great scene.

"Buttman Comes First" is another relatively weak scene, though it starts well. Bionca and Debi Diamond cavort in bikinis on a sunny deck. Buttman uses a hose to blast them down and Debi gets her pussy into the stream to get off. There's also some good toe sex between the girls (in fact, there isn't any dick action besides Buttman pulling his pud). The scene ends with spunk on a pastry which the girls then eat. It's not bad action, the girls are into it, but it falls a bit short for Sodomania.

Cody O'Conner returns in "The Presentation". The lovely redhead has Sierra blindfolded and brings in a very young Rocco Ziffredi. The three of them get it on in some interesting combinations. Anal action comes into play and the spunk shot gets sprayed on Cody's tits and Sierra licks it up. The action keeps getting interrupted with cuts, though, the whole scene is only four minutes long. It's a shame, since it seems promising.

The final scene, however, is a monster. It's a new segment, filmed specifically for this compilation and it's 30 minutes long. Titled "French Kiss" it stars the achingly lovely Draghixa, a French girl with a fantastic body and beautiful face. She takes a shower and gets dressed in lingerie for about 10 minutes. Tease fans will pop a nut watching her get ready and finger herself on the bed. After some plot where she walks around outside in a sexy but perfectly proper outfit, Draghixa meets Tom Byron. One thing leads to another and the two of them have marathon sex in her hotel room. It's a long, long scene and worth your time. Draghixa is very much into it and Tom rises to the occasion. The two of them are all over each other, up to and including the lovely lady fingering Tom's ass before riding his face. The doggy style is ripping, as he pulls her hair and then slide in for anal action. It is, as they say, all good.

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Видео: XviD, 720x480, 29.97 fps, 1684 kbps
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