Buttman's Ass Adoro / Батманн : поклонение заднице (John Stagliano / EVIL ANGEL) [2005 г., Gonzo, oral, anal, latin, interracial, DVDRip]

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Buttman's Ass Adoro / Батманн : поклонение заднице (John Stagliano / EVIL ANGEL) [2005 г., Gonzo, oral, anal, latin, interracial, DVDRip]

Сообщение MalonE » 10 мар 2013, 16:12

Батманн : поклонение заднице / Buttman's Ass AdoroГод выпуска: 2005
Жанр: Gonzo, oral, anal, latin, interracial
Продолжительность: 1:38:45
Режиссер: John Stagliano
Студия: EA Productions / EVIL ANGEL
В ролях: Jazz Duro, Lorena, Gina Jolie
Описание: Gina Jolie has a smoldering, sometimes dangerously out of control, sexuality. Jazz Duro is crazy about her. They
have a tremendous chemistry together. The wild card was Lorena. I picked her from a photo in an agent’s book. He
said she was hot. But you always take a chance when you pick a girl from a picture. And I was taking another chance
when I booked a three way. Was I maybe spoiling a good intimate thing between my two main people? Maybe, but
sometimes magic happens.
There is a level of intimacy that you can achieve if you relax and just play with your fetish with people you
really jive with. This was one long sexual afternoon in Rio. We did ass fetish activities of all kinds. We did
smothering, throat fucking, slapping, spitting, dominating play, toys, gaping, all kinds of fun stuff, including
conventional and anal sex. All of it works together. All of it builds the intensity, and reveals the truth of each
person. And with great people like this, all of it’s good. I can’t present this experience in a conventional length
sex scene. I can’t cut the moments just after intense play when you see exhaustion, vulnerability, peace. So this
movie is only one scene. I’d make all my gonzo movies like this if I could. Enjoy, John "Buttman" Stagliano
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