Rocco's POV 6 / Точка Зрения Рокко 6 (Rocco Siffredi, Evil Angel Video) [2011 г., Gonzo, POV, WEB-DL, 540p] (Arabella, Bailey, Barbara, Bellina, Karol, Kristy, Peaches) [Split Scenes]

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Rocco's POV 6 / Точка Зрения Рокко 6 (Rocco Siffredi, Evil Angel Video) [2011 г., Gonzo, POV, WEB-DL, 540p] (Arabella, Bailey, Barbara, Bellina, Karol, Kristy, Peaches) [Split Scenes]

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Rocco's POV 6 / Точка Зрения Рокко 6
*(Release Date: October 19th, 2011)
-Год производства: 2011 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: All Sex, Gonzo, POV, Hardcore
Продолжительность: 02:49:37
Режиссер: Rocco Siffredi
Студия: Evil Angel Video
Язык: English
В ролях: Arabella, Bailey, Barbara, Bellina, Karol, Kristy, Peaches, Rocco Siffredi
Описание: Take an intimate, close-up look at hot, up-and-coming porn talent through the eyes of legendary XXX stud/director Rocco Siffredi. “Rocco’s POV 6” follows the winning format of his previous point-of-view installments: Impossibly pretty, young girls visit Rocco’s office and enjoy private erotic education from the huge-cocked master. First, 20-year-old blonde cutie Carol sucks Rocco’s massive meat, licks his taint, then rides pole and rubs it with her bare feet until he creams her face. Gorgeous brunette secretary Bailey plays with the director’s collection of dildos and uses her talented mouth, pussy and feet to bring him off. Short-haired Barbara takes an intense trip on the Siffredi Express. Adorable Peaches is a university student with a perfect, all-natural body who masturbates for Rocco using a rubber toy. Brunette Kristy also enjoys the dildos, but doesn’t neglect the director’s hard-on, either. She strokes his meat with her bare feet, rims his asshole and bobs on his hard shaft ’til he blows his load. Rocco marvels at the incredibly plump, natural boobs on giggly Bellina. The busty sweetheart straddles his cock and sucks out his hot sperm from the source, swallowing every drop. Finally, thick, womanly Arabella shows up to entice Rocco with her warm, natural curves — she sucks, fucks and plays with phallic toys. These private scenes capture an erotic intensity that can’t be found in regular porn productions with lighting and camera crews disrupting the sexual chemistry. Get an inside look at Rocco’s lifestyle; the view is awesome!
Тип WebHD видео: 540p
Формат видео: MP4
Видео кодек: H.264/AVC
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 960x544 29.97fps 1800kbps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 152kbps-
Scene 1: Karol | 00:33:30
Scene 2: Bailey | 00:26:21
Scene 3: Barbara | 00:25:44
Scene 4: Peaches | 00:19:04
Scene 5: Kristy | 00:18:29
Scene 6: Bellina | 00:26:25
Scene 7: Arabella | 00:20:04
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Вернуться в Гонзо-фильмы / Gonzo

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